“Wi-Fi” – nano-particles can transmit signals directly from the brain

ITJune 18, 2015

The problem with providing a direct connection between a brain and any external device is that these two objects “talk” in absolutely various languages. For information transfer in a brain, the electric signals and electrochemical processes happening at the atomic and molecular levels are used, and now reading and controlling such signals is exercised by means of primitive methods – by introduction of the electrodes connected by usual wires to electronic devices.

However, this situation can soon change, according to the material published in the Future Medicine magazine. The group of researchers-physicians of the International university of Florida in Miami developed a way of establishing a kind of direct “wireless connection” with brain neurons by means of special nano-particles which in number of 20 billion pieces entered into the brain of an experimental animal.

The magnetoelectric nanoparticles (magnetoelectric nanoparticle, MEN) that entered into a brain of experimental rodents possess a number of special properties. They are rather small in order that they could come closer directly to an external cover of neurons on the distance allowing them to react to electric signals of nervous impulses. These particles can be activated by means of an external magnetic field, making the own electric field influenced by the nearby neurons. And this electric field of nanoparticles can directly unite with electric field of neural networks, interfering with their functioning.

“When MEN particles are affected by a low-frequency magnetic field, they make their own local electric field, the frequency of which coincides with the frequency of a magnetic field” – says Sakhrat Hizroyev (Sakhrat Khizroev), the leading researcher, – “This electric field unites with a neural network field, making it possible to interfere from the outside with work of its “electric circuit””.

By using this approach, researchers successfully implemented the technology of delivery of medicines to the certain sites of a brain. Naturally, the use of MEN particles is not limited only to a brain, they can be used literally across all the body, effectively counteracting distribution of a cancer and other diseases. Besides, MEN particles can be used for creation of a new type of the direct interface between a brain and the computer. Feedback in that case turns out due to the measurements of the magnetic fields created by nano-particles in response to the electric signals passing on neural networks.

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