The solar Stella Lux car develops more energy than it spends

AutomotiveJanuary 15, 2016

The team of 21 students under the name Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) who are the students of various faculties of Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland, created a family car working only with the help of solar energy. It had been developed for 1,5 years and now it is a highly effective, intellectual and comfortable “future car”. A bit later this year the Stella Lux car will take part in car racing on solar energy during the World Solar Challenge which will take place in Australia.

In 2013, the STE team finished work with the predecessor of Stella Lux car who was known under the name Stella and which became the winner of the same year’s competition of World Solar Challenge in the class Cruiser Class. The previous development served as a demonstration of the possibility of the family car that uses solar energy, and current development shows that such car can be comfortable and attractive.


The energy in the Stella Lux car is accumulated by solar batteries, with a total area of 5.8 square meters, and the developed energy charges the battery, with a capacity of 15 kWh. At a total charge of the battery which is filled with the energy developed by the solar battery, the Stella Lux car can pass a distance of 1000 kilometers in Holland and 1100 kilometers in Australia where the Sun is hotter and sunshine beams give bigger amount of energy. The maximum speed which the Stella Lux car is capable to develop, is 125 kilometers per hour.

To have such impressive characteristics, the Stella Lux car is made with the aero dynamic. In its design aluminum and carbonaceous fibers are used and therefore car weight without passengers is only 375 kilograms. For ensuring additional aerodynamic stability with a small weight the car has air “tunnel” and the flat roof extending to the back part which is carrying out a role of the additional stabilizer.

Efficiency of the Stella Lux car is improved due to use of innovative solutions, turning on the navigation system which controls weather conditions and chooses an optimum route of the movement, considering not only the distance, but also the quantity of solar energy which the car will receive at the movement on this or that route. The intellectual control system is capable to open car locks when the owner comes closer to it. The navigation system remembers standard routes of the movement and gives the chance to reuse these data, and on the dashboard of the car there is a touch display with the return tactile communication that allows to use it, without tearing off your eyes from the road.


The Stella Lux car will take part in the solar race Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in the class Cruiser Class which will take place in Australia in October this year. Race will begin in Darwin and will end in Adelaide, the total distance makes 3 thousand kilometers.

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