BMW and Baidu companies plan to release their car robot on the Chinese streets soon

AutomotiveApril 25, 2015

In April, 2014 the known carmaker BMW began the collaboration with the Chinese technological giant Baidu concentrated on development of the self-governed car robot. And more than a year later after the beginning of this cooperation, it, this cooperation, starts bringing the first results. According to Vaughan Jin’s (Wang Jin) statement, the senior vice-president of the Baidu company, the self-governed car robot developed by them has to take to the streets of some Chinese cities already by the end of this year.

It should be noted that the child of BMW and Baidu will not pass the extensive program tests on roads of special grounds. A main goal of developers is as fast emergence of cars robots on the crowded roads of the Chinese megalopolises, such as Beijing and Shanghai is possible.

Car robot prototype, naturally, the new BMW car subjected to rather serious alteration and modernization is. But, unlike other cars robots, the BMW and Baidu car will not be the full robot, all its systems will be most focused on assistance to the driver during the movement in difficult conditions instead of doing the driver by the passenger supernumerary.


Such approach cardinally differs from the strategy elected by the well-known companies Google and Uber which in every way try to discharge the person of process of driving of the car. It is of rather great importance for the Uber company, after all drivers of cars are the paid labor. The exception of this link will allow the company to increase sharply the profits and in this direction intensive development of advanced technologies of Uber by specialists of the Center, Carnegie-Meloun who is in the town of university are conducted.

If efforts of the BMW and Baidu companies are successful, the Google and Uber companies will have a strong contender from east hemisphere. It is still impossible to tell, the developed Baidu cars robots will be how good on the road. But it was necessary to wait absolutely not for long then it will become known, how successful were results of cooperation of two large companies from different parts terrestrial

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