Superfast thermal conductivity allows operating information which is stored in a magnetic look

ITJune 10, 2015

Researchers from university of Illinois found the new physical mechanisms allowing to make manipulations with the information processed and stored in a magnetic look by means of the streams of heat moving with a high speed in volume of magnetic material. Use of a superfast heat transfer instead of external magnetic fields provides new perspective methods of management of a condition of magnetization of magnetic nanodimensional domains which are a basis of modern magnetic data carriers, for example, of plates of hard drives.

In the researches scientists used the effect consisting in creation of areas with the different directions of rotation of electrons (backs) when passing through this material of a stream of heat. This effect creates the secondary effect which is shown in the form of emergence of magnetic dipoles which magnetic field is used for management of orientation of a magnetic field of the second layer of magnetic material which, actually, and is information layer.

The physics used by scientists is related to the physical processes happening in thermocouples and thermoelectric generators of other types in which the passing streams of heat cause division of electric charges that leads to emergence of electric potential. But use of such processes in relation to magnetic properties of materials is the low-studied area which conceals in itself huge prospects for different areas of science and equipment.

“We use created by a high-speed heat transfer of “backs streams” to transfer necessary backs to the set area of magnetic material. This stream allows to magnetize in the set party certain sites of material ferromagnetic by means of the directed heat streams which it is in certain cases easier to induce, than the directed streams of a magnetic field” – Gyung-Min Choi (Gyung-Min Choi), – “Moreover, in certain cases use of transfer of the magnetic moment by means of heat is more preferable method, than its transfer by means of electric current”.

In the experiments scientists created the directed high-speed streams of heat by means of impulses of an intensive impulse of laser light, lasting some picoseconds. These streams of heat had rather big size which is expressed in figure in 100 GW on square meter, and there were they in such look during 50 trillionth fractions of a second (50 picoseconds). Parameters of an impulse of the laser light created by it heat stream thickness of a ferromagnetic layer and thickness of a heat-removing layer define polarity and amplitude of a thermal stream and, therefore, parameters of magnetization of certain sites of information layer.

It should be noted that work of scientists from Illinois has only theoretical value so far. But, with development of some areas of science, such as the spintronics, similar technologies can become a basis of new superfast spintronny devices, devices of storage of information with a high speed of access and an indicator of density, and much, many other.

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