Liquid metal antenna can be adjusted to work in any range of frequencies

ScienceJune 6, 2015

The control of a send-receive path of any electronic employment in the certain range of radio frequencies is a rather difficult process. For example, mobile phones already have to be able to accept signals in the ranges of a system cellular communication work, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, and millimetric range 5G will be added to this […]

Cheetah robot learned to overcome obstacles during the movement

RoboticsJune 5, 2015

Last time, when we were talking about the cheetah robot developed by the specialists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this robot already could independently and without any leash to move on the lawn covered with a grass with a speed of up to 16 kilometers per hour and to jump up to the height of […]

The Large Hadron Collider starts experimenting at full capacity

ScienceJune 4, 2015

For the first time more than in two years of time scientists of the European organization of the nuclear researches CERN on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, at 8:40 on time of Greenwich meridian, began collecting scientific data on collisions of beams of the protons dispersed to the energy level record today. The biggest and the […]

A microbattery, capable of making chips independent of external power sources, has been created

EnergyJune 3, 2015

Group of researchers of university of Illinois, having combined methods of 3D-holographic lithograph and a usual two-dimensional photolithography, created the microscopic, but highly effective battery. Tiny dimensions of the created battery will allow to integrate it directly on chips of microelectronic devices, doing these chips absolutely independent of external sources of electric energy. “Our the […]

NASA is considering to use robot squids for searching the traces of the life at Europa’s underground oceans

RoboticsMay 22, 2015

Within the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program which purpose is the embodiment in reality of some science-fiction technologies, the American space agency considers 15 offers concerning creation of robots capable to conduct researches of underground and subglacial oceans and reservoirs of satellites of planets – gas giants, such as Europa. And the most interesting […]

A system, capable of turning person’s thoughts into text messages, has been created

ITApril 28, 2015

The international group consisting of the American and German researchers achieved progress in business of interpretation of the signals arising in a brain of the person at natural continuous informal conversation. And data of this interpretation were used for transformation of the “mental” speech to its text representation with enough fine precision. Further development of […]