Artificial photosynthesis technology for production of fuel, plastic and medicines has been developed

EnergyJune 22, 2015

A group of scientists from Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Institute of nanotechnologies and Kavli’s power and University of California developed a new process of artificial hybrid photosynthesis. This technology is put in action by the energy of a sunlight and bacteria of special types, and its application will allow people […]

Powerful gallium nitride-driven semiconductor devices have been created but are less lasting than their silicon analogs

ElectronicJune 20, 2015

Last week, the Efficient Power Conversion company in California declared the beginning of production of two types of the high-frequency powerful field transistors made of gallium nitride which are less lasting than their silicon analogs. Nitride of gallium and carbide of silicon for a long time have been considered as the alternative materials capable to […]

Flexible and soft “feelers” will allow robots to manipulate tiny objects, without damaging their structure

RoboticsJune 20, 2015

A group of researchers from Iowa State University created tiny soft “feelers” which will allow tiny robots to manipulate very delicate and tiny objects, without damaging their structure. These “feelers” which are an ideal solution for automatic and semi-automatic performing of surgeries at the microscopic level, are capable to take and hold an ant, without […]

“Wi-Fi” – nano-particles can transmit signals directly from the brain

ITJune 18, 2015

The problem with providing a direct connection between a brain and any external device is that these two objects “talk” in absolutely various languages. For information transfer in a brain, the electric signals and electrochemical processes happening at the atomic and molecular levels are used, and now reading and controlling such signals is exercised by […]

The use of magnetic meta-materials significantly increases the efficiency of wireless energy transmission systems

EnergyJune 15, 2015

For the last decade, researches in the area of wireless transmission of energy led to the development of several practical technologies, such as wireless charging of mobile and household devices, electric cars, etc. However, all these technologies have the restrictions in ranges and rather small efficiency at energy transmission even at those small distances at […]

Wartsila 31 – the most effective diesel car engine today

AutomotiveJune 15, 2015

The four-cycle diesel Wartsila 31 engine, the production of which recently begun by the Finnish company Wartsila Ship Power, got into the Book of world records of Ginnes and received a rank of the most effective diesel engine in the world today. According to the data provided by the World Record Academy organization, the Wartsila […]

The KAIST team becomes a winner of a final of DARPA Robotics Challenge

RoboticsJune 8, 2015

In the Saturday evening, on June 6, 2015, DARPA Robotics Challenge final came to the end. After the calculation of points gathered by the teams and after accounting of additional penalties and bonuses the winner teams which will divide a prize fund in 3.5 million dollars were defined. The first place was given to the […]