Norma M-20 car will receive a Polimotor 2 plastic internal combustion engine

AutomotiveJune 26, 2015

The American engineer Matti Holtsberg, rather famous in certain circles, a friend with specialists of the Belgian chemical company Solvay, began work on the project of a new automobile internal combustion engine – Polimotor 2, the engine, practically all details and where knots will be made of plastic of various type. It is the four-cylinder engine with double gas-distributing system of the top arrangement. It will be established on the conceptual Aurora Norma M-20 car which will take part in races on the route Lime Rock Park, Connecticut.

“Everyone asks a question how plastic will be able to sustain high temperature, a high pressure and extreme loadings in an internal combustion engine?” – Matti Holtsberg who is the president of the company Composite Castings, Florida tells, – “I will tell you with confidence, the exhaust collector and the combustion chamber will be the only parts of this engine made of an aluminum alloy. All the rest are composite materials”.

It should be noted that the Polimotor 2 engine is not the first attempt of Matti Holtsberg of creating the plastic engine. In the 1980th there was made a rather successful attempt of creation of the first similar Polimotor engine intended for the racing car which was made with the assistance of specialists of the Amoco chemical company. Despite success, the Amoco company owing to various reasons stopped this project, but Holtsberg continued work on improvement of the engine created by them. And now, when indicators of profitability and small weight started coming as a key factor in plastic engines, he renewed this project with a new force.

The Solvay company will provide development and production of 10 critical thermoplastic components of future engine which will serve as replacement to traditional metal components and will play a leading role in weight reduction of the engine. Among these knots there will be a water pomp, the fuel pump, a head of the block of cylinders with openings for valves, a shaft of gas-distributing system, the cam mechanism, etc.

All this will lead to the fact that the new Polimotor 2 engine will weigh about 63-67 kilograms that is 40 kilograms fewer than a weight of the easiest internal combustion engine integrated in serial cars. According to calculations, on 8 thousand revolutions per minute the Polimotor 2 engine will give out power in 450 horsepowers. “It will be reached at the expense of an engine turbulence which will lift pressure on an entrance upon two atmospheres” – Matti Holtsberg says, – “In a design of the engine there is a set of cunning things, and one of them is composite material of the block of cylinders which has durability twice exceeding the durability of aluminum alloy used in ordinary engines”.

“Taking into account a level of development of modern technologies, especially in the field of materials science, this project does not look impracticable. But on the other hand there is a mass of technical problems which should be solved” – Bernard Porter (Bernard Porter) tells, – “I can assume that the companies involved in this project well know what to do to them, and I hope that their efforts will be crowned with success”.

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