New magnetic material will make it possible to make less expensive electric cars, wind generators and lots of other things

EnergyJuly 3, 2015

It is not a secret that a rather big share from a total cost of modern electric and hybrid cars, turbines of wind generators is the share of the cost of the highly effective permanent magnets used in electric motors and electric generators. One of the depreciation directions of the above-mentioned products is replacement of magnets on the basis of rare-earth metals with magnets on the basis of other, more widespread and cheaper materials. Progress in this field was achieved by the scientists from the laboratory of Ames in the American Ministry of Energy who created the new magnetic alloy which is not conceding in all respects to traditional magnetic materials on the basis of rare-earth elements.

Application of a new alloy will make it possible to get rid of a need of use of one of the most expensive rare-earth metals – dysprosium (dysprosium), instead of a more widespread element – cerium. And a new magnetic alloy that consists of neodymium, iron and pine forest, cerium and cobalt, on all the magnetic properties can compete with the traditional artificial magnets containing dysprosium.

“But the most interesting fact is that our material starts working better at temperatures over 150 degrees of Celsius, at temperatures when other magnetic materials start losing the properties” – Karl A. Gshneidner (Karl A tells. Gschneidner), one of researchers of laboratory of Ames, – “It opens huge prospects for the use of our new alloy in the devices and mechanisms capable to function normally at high temperatures”.

It should be noted that the research, during which a new magnetic alloy was developed, was carried out within the ARPA-E REACT program (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy-Rare Earth Alternatives in Critical Technologies), the purpose of which is searching for alternatives to use expensive rare-earth materials in various areas, including electric cars engines, wind generators turbines and many more.

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