The Large Hadron Collider starts experimenting at full capacity

ScienceJune 4, 2015

For the first time more than in two years of time scientists of the European organization of the nuclear researches CERN on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, at 8:40 on time of Greenwich meridian, began collecting scientific data on collisions of beams of the protons dispersed to the energy level record today. The biggest and the accelerator of particles powerful today can provide such energy of collision thanks to its modernization for which the sum about 150 million dollars was spent.

Let’s remind our readers that the first period of work of a collider which ended at the beginning of 2013, brought to people discovery of Higgs boson, the last unknown before of a fundamental subatomic particle which existence is defined by Standard Model of physics of elementary particles. The second period of work of a collider during which collisions of protons will happen at higher level of energy, will allow scientists not only to confirm the Higgs boson existence fact, but also to study its some properties. Moreover, in same it will be a high time to make scientists searches of traces of the phenomena which are beyond Standard Model.

It is quite probable that during the first test collisions of beams of protons on energy of 13 TEV certain exotic particles which are related to a mysterious dark matter, on which share were already made as scientists consider, about 85 percent from total of a matter in the Universe are necessary. But, for this purpose, what to find these particles and to bring reliability of data to the level sufficient for recognition of a discovery, rather long work of a collider at full capacity during which really huge arrays of information will be collected, processed and analysed will be required.

Besides particles of a dark matter of physics will be engaged in verification of the theory of supersymmetry which can be confirmed with detection of “supersymmetric” particles – heavier options of standard elementary particles. And if such particles are found, it will be an incitement to creation of a set of new theories which will be able to explain what cannot occur from the point of view of Standard Model. Unfortunately, such searches will be very heavy occupation even in comparison with searches of Higgs boson in 2012, after all scientists do absolutely not know where (at what level of energiya) and at what look there will be traces of “supersymmetric” particles.

“We note the beginning of the new period in modern physics. This period will be allocated to that we will try to glance for the first time for a framework of Standard Model, entering absolutely new, mysterious and novel areas” – Rolf Hoyer (Rolf Heuer), the CEO of CERN tells, – “New scientific data already “began to flow” from a collider a wide stream, and we hope that they will show us a lot of new and surprising about the device and “work” of our Universe”.

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