The KAIST team becomes a winner of a final of DARPA Robotics Challenge

RoboticsJune 8, 2015

In the Saturday evening, on June 6, 2015, DARPA Robotics Challenge final came to the end. After the calculation of points gathered by the teams and after accounting of additional penalties and bonuses the winner teams which will divide a prize fund in 3.5 million dollars were defined. The first place was given to the team of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, (KAIST) whose robot scored the maximum 8 points, having spent 44 minutes and 28 seconds to pass. 8 points were earned by the robots of two more teams, but the robot of South Korean team showed the best time, having won the highest step of a podium and bringing their founders a prize in 2 million American dollars.

The KAIST team’s robot with the name DRC-HUBO is the classic biped humanoid robot. But unlike other similar robots, for example, of the ATLAS robot whose modifications were used by several other teams, the Korean robot has wheels on a lap which allowed it to move and cope with some tasks quicker, and that is more important, to avoid falling during the movement.

The second place of the DRC competition was taken by the IHMC Robotics team who got a prize in 1 million dollar. The third place was taken by the Tartan Rescue team with the CHIMP robot which showed one of the most interesting performances in the first day of a competition and brought founders a prize in 500 thousand dollars.

In the KAIST team, headed by Jun Ho Oh, professor of KAIST institute, Daejeon, South Korea, one of the experts with a world name in the field of humanoid robots, a number of other famous experts and gifted students gathered. The DRC-HUBO robot was created for participation in DRC final on the basis of the first prototype of the HUBO robot. The team worked in the direction of improvement and modernization of the DRC-HUBO robot during several student’s “generations” and it brought them a deserved first place of the DRC competition.

To sum up, we want to congratulate KAIST team and other teams which took prizes in the DARPA Robotics Challenge competition which is one of the most considerable world’s events in the field of robotics and which is possible to call the Olympic Games among robots.

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