Flexible and soft “feelers” will allow robots to manipulate tiny objects, without damaging their structure

RoboticsJune 20, 2015

A group of researchers from Iowa State University created tiny soft “feelers” which will allow tiny robots to manipulate very delicate and tiny objects, without damaging their structure. These “feelers” which are an ideal solution for automatic and semi-automatic performing of surgeries at the microscopic level, are capable to take and hold an ant, without […]

The KAIST team becomes a winner of a final of DARPA Robotics Challenge

RoboticsJune 8, 2015

In the Saturday evening, on June 6, 2015, DARPA Robotics Challenge final came to the end. After the calculation of points gathered by the teams and after accounting of additional penalties and bonuses the winner teams which will divide a prize fund in 3.5 million dollars were defined. The first place was given to the […]

Cheetah robot learned to overcome obstacles during the movement

RoboticsJune 5, 2015

Last time, when we were talking about the cheetah robot developed by the specialists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this robot already could independently and without any leash to move on the lawn covered with a grass with a speed of up to 16 kilometers per hour and to jump up to the height of […]

NASA is considering to use robot squids for searching the traces of the life at Europa’s underground oceans

RoboticsMay 22, 2015

Within the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program which purpose is the embodiment in reality of some science-fiction technologies, the American space agency considers 15 offers concerning creation of robots capable to conduct researches of underground and subglacial oceans and reservoirs of satellites of planets – gas giants, such as Europa. And the most interesting […]