A new technology of transfer will make it possible to double optical fiber capacity

ITJuly 12, 2015

Scientists from the University of California in San Diego developed a new technology of signaling which use will allow doubling the smallest volumes of information transmitted via fiber-optical communication channels. Introduction of this new technology, the description of which was published in the latest issue of a Science magazine, will enable “to completely change the […]

“Wi-Fi” – nano-particles can transmit signals directly from the brain

ITJune 18, 2015

The problem with providing a direct connection between a brain and any external device is that these two objects “talk” in absolutely various languages. For information transfer in a brain, the electric signals and electrochemical processes happening at the atomic and molecular levels are used, and now reading and controlling such signals is exercised by […]

A system, capable of turning person’s thoughts into text messages, has been created

ITApril 28, 2015

The international group consisting of the American and German researchers achieved progress in business of interpretation of the signals arising in a brain of the person at natural continuous informal conversation. And data of this interpretation were used for transformation of the “mental” speech to its text representation with enough fine precision. Further development of […]