Artificial photosynthesis technology for production of fuel, plastic and medicines has been developed

EnergyJune 22, 2015

A group of scientists from Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Institute of nanotechnologies and Kavli’s power and University of California developed a new process of artificial hybrid photosynthesis. This technology is put in action by the energy of a sunlight and bacteria of special types, and its application will allow people […]

The use of magnetic meta-materials significantly increases the efficiency of wireless energy transmission systems

EnergyJune 15, 2015

For the last decade, researches in the area of wireless transmission of energy led to the development of several practical technologies, such as wireless charging of mobile and household devices, electric cars, etc. However, all these technologies have the restrictions in ranges and rather small efficiency at energy transmission even at those small distances at […]

A microbattery, capable of making chips independent of external power sources, has been created

EnergyJune 3, 2015

Group of researchers of university of Illinois, having combined methods of 3D-holographic lithograph and a usual two-dimensional photolithography, created the microscopic, but highly effective battery. Tiny dimensions of the created battery will allow to integrate it directly on chips of microelectronic devices, doing these chips absolutely independent of external sources of electric energy. “Our the […]

A new record of silicon solar batteries transformation efficiency has been established

EnergyApril 24, 2015

Researchers from Aalto’s (University of Aalto) university, Finland, established a new record by efficiency of transformation of a sunlight to electric energy for silicon solar batteries. So-called black silicon became a key to this achievement which for the whole four percent exceeded the previous record indicator, and solar batteries on the basis of such silicon […]