A new construction of quantum chips can become a basis of future computers

ElectronicJune 27, 2015

The quantum computers which are today a more theoretical concept, than practical, in the future will be capable of calculating difficult mathematical models which will be too hard even to the most powerful modern supercomputers. Calculations of similar models can bring many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, materials science, etc. to a new level. […]

Powerful gallium nitride-driven semiconductor devices have been created but are less lasting than their silicon analogs

ElectronicJune 20, 2015

Last week, the Efficient Power Conversion company in California declared the beginning of production of two types of the high-frequency powerful field transistors made of gallium nitride which are less lasting than their silicon analogs. Nitride of gallium and carbide of silicon for a long time have been considered as the alternative materials capable to […]