Wartsila 31 – the most effective diesel car engine today

AutomotiveJune 15, 2015

The four-cycle diesel Wartsila 31 engine, the production of which recently begun by the Finnish company Wartsila Ship Power, got into the Book of world records of Ginnes and received a rank of the most effective diesel engine in the world today. According to the data provided by the World Record Academy organization, the Wartsila 31 engine shows record-breaking low indicator of the consumed amount of diesel fuel on a unit of the developed power which makes 165 grams on one kilowatt-hour.

Wartsila 31 engines which are issued in options with 8 and 16 cylinders, are intended for use on various types of sea vessels, cruise liners and ferries, the power plants of which have to provide power from 4.2 to 9.8 MW with a frequency from 720-750 revolutions per minute. Besides, Wartsila 31 engines are issued in three options, Diesel, Dual-Fuel (DF) and Spark-Ignited Gas (SG) allowing use of different types of fuel – Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Ethane gas (LEG) and Petroleum gas (LPG). And when using each type of fuel where these engines show efficiency which the minimum on 10 grams is one kilowatt-hour less than a similar indicator of other similar engines.

Depending on modification, the weight of the Wartsila 31 engine can make a number of cylinders (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16) from 56 to 85 tons, and its length – from 6 to 9 meters with a width of about 3.5 meters. It is natural that depending on a number of cylinders and engine capacity variations, each cylinder gives engine 550 – 610 kW of power depending on the type of the fuel used.

In the process of development of a new engine which has lasted since 2010, specialists of the Wartsila company paid special attention to its ecological purity, and realized that technologies allow receiving the highest rate of efficiency of fuel combustion. Thanks to it the Wartsila 31 engine shows the lowest indicator of concentration of CO2, CO, THC and SOx in exhaust gases and satisfies to the most rigid environmental standards. Besides, the new engine differs in high reliability, it is capable to work without the need to stop on repair for 8 thousand hours while other similar engines possess a resource of continuous work at the level of 1-2 thousand hours.

“Taking into account all of the increasing cost of energy carriers and fuel, the modern ship-building industry more and more concentrates on efficiency and flexibility of the used technologies” – says Roger Holm (Roger Holm), the vice-president of the Wartsila Ship Power company, – “And our new engine completely corresponds to all current trends, its use will allow owners of sea vessels to save about 10 thousand euros per day on fuel and at works on service of the engine”.

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