“Follow Trends” is the project which is completely devoted to new technologies from various branches of science and equipment, to novelties of equipment and other technological things which already now everywhere interfere in our everyday life and, perhaps, will cardinally change it further. The group of the authors working on the project presents you for studying the freshest and actual material collected from various sources of information worldwide. On our site are published, as well as translated materials from foreign sources, and author’s articles. All our visitors have opportunity to participate in discussions of any published material and in the arisen discussions, you have an opportunity to estimate material, both in positive, and at a negative side (in case of spam or inadequacy of materials). All your opinions and estimates therefore the earnest request – do not hesitate to express the opinion what it would not be are interesting to us.

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We are always glad to new participants of the project, whether it be simply regular customer or the beginning author ready to join our team. After all this project becomes, first of all for all of you.

Yours faithfully, team and administration of “Follow Trends”.

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