The solar Stella Lux car develops more energy than it spends

AutomotiveJanuary 15, 2016

The team of 21 students under the name Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) who are the students of various faculties of Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland, created a family car working only with the help of solar energy. It had been developed for 1,5 years and now it is a highly effective, intellectual and comfortable “future […]

A new technology of transfer will make it possible to double optical fiber capacity

ITJuly 12, 2015

Scientists from the University of California in San Diego developed a new technology of signaling which use will allow doubling the smallest volumes of information transmitted via fiber-optical communication channels. Introduction of this new technology, the description of which was published in the latest issue of a Science magazine, will enable “to completely change the […]

Audi companies succeeded to receive Synthetic phytogenesis gasoline

AutomotiveJuly 6, 2015

Some weeks later after the establishment of an experimental factory which makes synthetic diesel e-diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and water, representatives of the Audi company announced their next achievement in the production of synthetic fuel. But this time the pure gasoline having a phytogenesis, which received the name e-benzin and which was received with […]

For the first time in history, chemistry scientists traced one isotope transforming into another at the level of separate atoms

ScienceJune 30, 2015

The scientists from Tufts University, working together with the scientists from the university in London, traced real time processes of transformation from one chemical element atoms into other element atoms. And the results of these studies, some of which appeared surprising to the scientists, can become a basis of a new radiotheraphy method perfect for […]

A new construction of quantum chips can become a basis of future computers

ElectronicJune 27, 2015

The quantum computers which are today a more theoretical concept, than practical, in the future will be capable of calculating difficult mathematical models which will be too hard even to the most powerful modern supercomputers. Calculations of similar models can bring many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, materials science, etc. to a new level. […]

Norma M-20 car will receive a Polimotor 2 plastic internal combustion engine

AutomotiveJune 26, 2015

The American engineer Matti Holtsberg, rather famous in certain circles, a friend with specialists of the Belgian chemical company Solvay, began work on the project of a new automobile internal combustion engine – Polimotor 2, the engine, practically all details and where knots will be made of plastic of various type. It is the four-cylinder […]